Justice League of America: Omega (Justice League (DC Comics) (paperback))

When the villainous Crime Syndicate of Amerika and a mysterious dark energy attack our world, the Justice League of America is immediately put on the defensive. But as the JLA locks horns with their new otherworldly rivals, Dr. Impossible calls forth the Omega Man, a terrifying alien entity capable of destroying not only the Justice League, but the Earth itself.With the coming of the Omega Man, members of both the JLA and the CSA must choose sides, as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As alliances and friendships are forged and destroyed, can the remaining superpowers unite long enough to put a stop to the Omega Man's rampage?

Set of 2 Rubber Pool Table Chalk Holders

These rubber chalk holders make it easy to keep your chalk close at hand. Just place the protective chalk grip up under the end of your pool table. The black rubber holder grips the chalk securely. Red cord measures 11". Suitable for home or commercial use. Set of two black rubber chalk holders. Chalk is not included.
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Set of two rubber chalk holders for your pool table
Black rubber holder with 11" red cord
For home or commercial use
Chalk is not included
Fast shipping via the US Postal Service.